Purchase or rent this incredible 3D immersive theater for video gaming or corporate events now!


The Ultimate 3D Immersive Video Theater

With a 150° field-of-view, overall resolution of 4800×1080 at 120 frames per second, 185″ diagonal, seamlessly blended stereoscopic image curved to fill your peripheral vision, this is your astonishing virtual world, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Complete and fully value engineered with the latest technology, this is a turnkey system.  The system includes an HPZ820 Quadro SLI hot-rod PC with a pair of the recently released Nvidia Quadro (Keppler) K5000 video cards which provide 120Hz sequential frame S3D video.  Also included are three Projection Design F35 AS3D projectors, a curved screen with stand, drape/dress kit, and a surround audio system with RBH speakers and a 7.1 Onkyo receiver.  This system is available for purchase or rental right now!  Please call us for pricing, or information on a custom system scaled and tailored to suit your budget and dreams.

Available For Sale NOW!  The Ultimate Video Game Theater!

Over 300 video game titles are currently available that take advantage of Nvidia surround (3 image wide) technology.  Our current library consists of 12 premium video games working in surround 3D with more coming all the time.  You have to feel it to understand; startled reflex reactions as threats from other worlds rush into your space, literally raising the hair on your arms, wide eyed wonder for fantastic detail way off in the distance of enchantingly beautiful, imaginary worlds.  Recognized by video game industry professionals as providing the best ever, no compromise video gaming experience.  If you’re a serious gamer, this is for you!

Integrate This System Into Your Home Theater

Some evenings you feel like relaxing with a first run movie, complete with 7.1 surround sound audio; maybe you and your friends want to play the latest first person shooter or racing game in the coolest video game theater ever imagined.  Push a button and an optional motorized screen masker moves drapery, changing the picture aspect ratio from standard HD wide screen to a full

peripheral vision surround screen. You get the best of both worlds!  Competition level response and feel is made possible by full 60 frame per eye stereoscopic performance at an amazingly sharp 4800×1080 resolution.

Available For Rental NOW!  3D Immersive Video Theater For Your Corporate Event

It’s not just a video game system!  Your company’s video assets can be formatted for this compelling immersive display shape.  Stereoscopic content can be tailored to present your company’s message within an unforgettably alluring 3D immersive environment.  Your content can be programmed for interactivity so that your customers can navigate their own way through a fascinating world of your products and messages.

Rental systems currently in stock at Tekamaki range in sizes between 15-feet and 27-feet wide and are fully packaged in road cases, ready for shipping to your trade show, promotional event, or party. These systems have been engineered and packaged to require only minimal set up labor, rental, and drayage costs. Call us now for information on a creatively unique and perfect system for your show.

Other applications for this display include (but are not limited to):

● Scientific visualization ● Museums and exhibits ● Medical and pharmaceutical industries ● Research in physics and chemistry modeling ● Mineral, oil, and gas extractive industries ● Simulators ● Virtual Reality ● Training ● Post-Production ● Collaboration Rooms

The following specifications for one of our cost effective rental systems can also be used as an example for a custom installed theater in your home or corporate space:

  • (3) Projection Design F35 AS3D Projectors
  • (3) Projection Design WB 2560 Warp/Blend Multi-Image Processors
  • (1) Truss system (for projector rigging and mounting hardware)
  • (1) Custom curved screen with drapery and dress kit.
  • (1) HP Z820 Workstation PC w/Quadro K5000 SLI


…or let us design a custom system to suit your available space and display goals.