Electronic Arts Booth at E3 2005

Creating one of the most innovative displays of HD content to date, a massively immersive 360-degree digital environment, Tekamaki was able to help Electronic Arts earn the title – “Winner of the IGN Entertainment’s best booth of E3 2005 award.”

For Tekamaki, the path to E3 2005 started in Leipzig Germany at the Games Convention in August of 2004.  At Games-Con, Electronic Arts and producer Voss & Sollik had used a 360-degree theater to present content gathered from the previous year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.  With such positive feedback from show attendees as well as internal EA Staff, Tekamaki decided to pitch a variation of that idea; one that would create a massive, seamless presentation of HD content, requiring technology at the bleeding edge of what the display industry had to offer.  In the weeks to follow, EA’s long time exhibit builder Premier displays would incorporate the 360 degree display idea and present the design for what would become the E3 2005 booth.

In December of 2005, testing of the 360-degree display had begun.  From this point on, Tekamaki would work closely with content producers Arnson Communications in collaboration with other EA contracted vendors to create a show control system and outline of the finished show which would incorporate exhibit structure, sound, lighting, and video to create an immersive environment unlike anything else on the show floor.

188 feet in circumference by 13 ½ feet high, the massive 360-degree display was brought to life by nine QuVIS encore servers coupled with QuBIT ST’s providing the multiple 720P sources required to output a final resolution of 10,053 by 720 pixels.  It would take nine screens and nine Digital Projection Lightning 35HD projectors with MMS-1000′s to provide accurate geometric warp correction and soft edge blending to seamlessly combine and create the fully encompassing 360-degree display.  The presentation itself was a resounding success, one that was only made better when Microsoft announced the name of their new next generation console, the XBOX “360” at that very same show.


Beyond the scope of large display and show control, Tekamaki also fulfilled the general A/V needs throughout the booth, providing equipment to populate all game demo kiosks.  Further extending our technical services, setup for all demo stations and on-floor technical support was provided for the duration of the show.

For additional information and technical data related to E3 2005 and Tekamaki, please see the following press releases.