Electronic Arts Booth at E3 2012

The Electronic Arts E3 Booth in 2012 was a significant undertaking and exciting challenge for our team. We showcased our flexibility and expertise by putting together a very complex package of audio, video and lighting elements for the event with a scope including more than 100+ game stations and 10 breakout rooms, most with 5.1 surround sound live gaming theaters inside as well as large projection installation and live social feed displays.

One of the highlights of 2012 was the projection project which included consulting with the client and the exhibit builder in the design and procurement of 4 very large (between 140’ and 52’ wide) custom, curved and pennant shaped dual view video screens. The resulting sweeping video displays enclosed and defined the booth space from above and were tied into the overall look and atmosphere of the booth experience. By using lighting as well as video elements to highlight each game title shown on the 12’x21’ main screen the resulting experience utilized all video displays to turn the booth into one large display.  As each game title appeared on the main screen lighting, the large two sided screens flown over the booth and video displays throughout the booth would reflect colors, textures and video assets of each title.

The Twitter towers, another highlight of 2012, were 6 vertical columns that each consisted of 4 seamless 60” LCD displays set in portrait mode. Standing over 12’ tall three towers flanked each side of the entrance to the main floor of the booth. Showing live-curated Twitter feeds dedicated to 6 of the titles that were being premiered by EA that year. Fans along with attendees were able to Tweet about their demo experiences and share their excitement about each of the titles represented. This display was a much talked about experience for all the attendees.

The technical and logistical challenges in pulling this project off were significant. Projects of this scale and complexity can be very difficult to manage and keep on schedule. Our team has a deep level of experience and an attention to detail that really shines in a project like this one. Our goal orientated focus allowed us to deliver on client expectations in a larger than life atmosphere.

E3 2012 Time-lapse footage

If you’re interested in seeing what’s involved with setting up an event of this size, please take a look at the video below.  The time lapse footage takes you from beginning to end of E3 2012 and includes set-up, show days, and complete tear-down of the booth, all of which took place in just under two weeks!