EA PR Events

Tekamaki LLC has enjoyed a close partnership with Electronic Arts and their public relations and events coordinators for more than 7 years.  The Electronic Arts PR and Events group coordinates many press events throughout the year for its various gaming titles, labels and partners.  These events are typically hosted in medium to large bar, restaurant and entertainment venues across the US, Canada and Europe.

Acting not only as an AV equipment vendor, Tekamaki has also coordinated closely with individual venue management representatives to insure flawless events and presentations.  Tekamaki provides full service preproduction planning and support for EA PR coordinators. This includes verifying technical needs are met at the chosen venue such as Internet and power capabilities, producing venue specific CAD drawings and event renderings as well as handling all client owned equipment logistics and shipping.

Tekamaki has successfully balanced client budget constraints while providing the most advanced equipment technology befitting an industry leading video game publishing company.  Partnering with Tekamaki allows the Electronic Arts PR coordinators to concentrate on providing the highest level of service to their own internal teams and executives.