Macy’s Biannual Executive Conference

In 2006, Tekamaki was approached by a client that had a spectacular vision in mind – an innovative idea to create a large enclosed hexagonal dining area with five sides of the enclosure being rear projected video screens.  The dining area would seat two-thousand department store executives and provide a different visual (and audible) theme for each of their three dining experiences in the enclosed area.  Providing the content for these unique dining experiences, a video content module would be created to evoke one of three themes.  For breakfast on the first day, there was a video environment consisting of street views from historical department store fronts surrounding 250 round guest tables, bars, and buffet spreads, followed by a beach scene environment for lunch.  Finishing off the second day was a forest scene for the dinner service followed by on-stage entertainment.

With a couple of our strong points here at Tekamaki being planning and pre-production for events using exceptionally large video screens (indoor or outdoor), this job was a perfect fit.  One key aspect of this project included value engineering an overwhelming video display to fit into an acceptable budget for the end client.  We were able to accommodate our clients wishes by pairing down the signal path to it’s ultimately fewest and most cost effective components, still allowing room in the budget for the purchase of 14,400 square feet of custom built dual-vision, rear projection video fabric.14,400 square feet of custom built dual-vision, rear projection video fabric.  Tekamaki consulted on the selection of the rear projection video fabric and the technical design of the edge blended image spanning the five massive video screens.  In addition to that, Tekamaki supervised the installation of the five video screens and integration to form the single massive surface as well as provided all video production equipment.

Presentations for the two-thousand department store executives took place in an entirely separate ballroom with a stage show that came together as a result of months of planning.  The presentation involved a moving, motorized video screen rig in a scoreboard configuration – one that allowed for compact placement of projectors as well as stage reveals.  Presenters, shrouded by the four-sided video screen rig were gradually revealed in a slowly dispersing cloud of stage smoke as the motorized video rig was raised to presentation height.  In its final position, the video rig would be used to reinforce messages delivered by presenters as well as to help bring various events to life for the large ballroom crowd.

Tekamaki, in collaboration with WOW, Inc. also attended to small details.  As an example of detail, arriving attendees were greeted and pleasantly surprised by a lively video display strategically placed at the top of an entrance escalator.  The display was a uniquely shaped, rigid, rear-projection video screen in the shape of the company’s corporate logo.

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Blended Panoramic of Dining Area