Robert Wilson Galleries

Tekamaki chosen to provide on-site installation and technical direction for VOOM PORTRAITS: Robert Wilson Galleries, on tour world-wide.

The VOOM PORTRAITS were commissioned and produced in a working collaboration between Robert Wilson and the television company VOOM HD Networks; bringing the two together to create a groundbreaking video series of high-definition portraits for the 21st century.

Over the past thirty years, Robert Wilson has been recognized as one of this era’s most important figures in theater, opera, and art – particularly noted for his visual drama and radical use of light.  He is an artist and visionary whose influence has extended far beyond the stage and media into fashion, design, and architecture, literally changing the way we look at things.  What better way to advance that purpose than to work with VOOM HD – who at the time was a pioneer in the next generation of high definition television.

With the ability to bring decades of performance oriented technical expertise and creative project management skills to bear, Tekamaki was selected by VOOM HD Networks to bring these video portraits to galleries, museums, and public places around the globe.  Our ability to work face to face with the artist, producers, venue representatives, crew members and co-vendors allowed our client to step back, relax along the way and focus solely on realizing their vision while allowing Tekamaki to help them to ultimately shine at the top of the stairs.

The VOOM PORTRAITS series launched a world tour in New York on January 16th, 2007 with a critically acclaimed opening at the Phillips de Pury and Paula Cooper Galleries.