United Technologies Showroom

United Technologies, Inc., whose subsidiaries include Sikorsky, Pratt and Whitney, Otis Elevator, Carrier Air Conditioning, Etc., needed a show room at their 1101 Pennsylvania Ave. government relations office in Washington, DC.  They needed something unique and compelling that would show well, in comparison to other such show rooms in the city.

In collaboration with United Technologies and Inhance Digital, Tekamaki was able to create a custom show room featuring 5 major display areas incorporating immersion, interactivity and the latest in lossless digital audio and video design.  The result is an experiential space beyond compare.  Inherent in the design is the possibility that,as the company or its marketing goals change, audio or video content can be updated via the internet.  This ensures that there will be no static models or graphic signage obsolescence.


We engaged Astro Tec to build a dual axis fiberglass curved screen which is 7.5 feet tall and 27 feet wide on the arc. Built in 10 segments each designed to just fit into the elevator, the custom screen was fabricated on site and painted with Digital Image Paint.
7 Christie DS+6K projectors and 4 mirrors create edge blended images on the dual axis curved wall, as well as the floor, where attendees are welcomed to stand. Here they experience varying environments bringing to life United Technology products in typical landscapes as viewed from helicopters, elevators, space craft, jet aircraft and city-scapes. Responses range from jaw dropping exclamations to minor cases of vertigo as attendees experience what is clearly a world class display environment.

Leaving the Surround Theater, attendees pass through a short hallway where ambient audio and video content familiarizes them with United Technologies manufacturing environments found at many of the subsidiary company’s factories. Both sides of the hallway are lined with 9 monitor near-seamless LCD monitor video walls. Panphonics focused audio speakers deliver environmental audio without overwhelming audio messages in other display areas in the show room.

Turning left from the Surround Theater and looking past the video walls, centered in the hallway, viewers can see a transparent, interactive video display. By touching video images that seemingly float in space, attendees can interact and learn, at will and in depth, about the many products offered by United Technologies companies. Interactivity allows users to explore, rotate views, expand and learn while enjoying a unique and compelling experience.

A 21’ wide and 5’ 4” tall cityscape panorama greets attendees on one side of the showroom where they are welcomed to interact with video content using multi-touch interactivity. The 3 Stewart Starglas screens and 3 Christie DS+6K projectors provide a gorgeous, flatly illuminated wide ratio image and completely cover one wall of the showroom.

Four 55” touch interactive monitors are found, one each in the four corners of the showroom. These four 55” monitors are programmed to offer interactive content for the various aspects of the UTC family of companies. These monitors are also capable of displaying Dish Network TV for reception events, election night or special sports events.

A Sikorsky flight simulator and several other smaller interactive video displays round out the showroom where attendees come to discover and experience United Technologies and the look and feel of the future.