Tipping Point Benefit


Tekamaki designed and installed the video playback system for the 2015 Tipping Point Benefit at Pier 70 in San Francisco. Fourteen 20,000 lumen projectors and three d3 units drove a 175’ long by 20’ tall projection wall, pushing 1200×10680 pixels to create a stunning video display that greeted the guests and set the tone for the night.  After a dinner featuring an auction and a $7 million donation challenge, the screen was turned into a giant VJ surface, filled with content created by All Of It Now, that pulsed with generative content for a concert and after party featuring Girl Talk, Snoop Dogg and DJ Ruckus.

This year the Tipping Point Community raised $14.7 million to help end poverty in the Bay Area.


Video Credit: Ian Colon

Video Credit: All Of It Now